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Pearl No Fog Ultra Ex Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner (Made In Japan)

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Product Feature

When you are going in and out of the air-conditioned room, eating cup noodles or wearing mask, the glasses you wore will be attached by water vapor, making the aligner's eyes blurred, and the sight will be blocked. Pearl No Fog Ultra Ex Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner can effectively inhibit the adhesion of water vapor and have a sterilizing effect. It can remove bacteria and finger print, effectively clean the lenses and solve the problem of lens fogging.


Place of origin

Take a size of the rice grains and smear them evenly on the lenses with your fingertips, and then wipe them clean with eyeglass cloth without water. Do not use materials other than glasses cloth, otherwise the effect will be weakened.


1. This product is not suitable for contact lenses and swimming goggles.

2. Do not store in the place where the temperature is higher than 40 ° C.

3. Keep it away from kids.

4. Please do not use it in the place with special surface treatment, such as damaged lens or the lens with anti-radiation processing.

5. Please do not use it for any objects other than lenses. This product is specially designed for anti-fog and sterilization of lenses.

6. This product is not edible. After applying it with your fingers, wash your fingers with water to prevent accidental ingestion.

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Pearl No Fog Ultra Ex Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner (Made In Japan)

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