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Fluffy House Extra Large Microfiber Eyeglass Cloth (Made in Korea)

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A cloth made in South Korea, using high-density microfiber cloth, can effectively remove dirt, fingerprints and other stains; suitable for cleaning glasses, screens, lenses, etc.

About Fluffy House:

We founded in 2007, FLUFFY HOUSE always strives to create lovable characters who fill people's hearts with warmth. The word "Fluffy" suggests something that feels furry, light and soft. It is often associated with something cute and adorable like fluffy plushies and cheerful little animals. Through our characters, products and illustrations, we hope to bring you joy and make you smile at heart. May you always find something lovable and heart-healing in FLUFFY HOUSE. We work with different partners to create effective promotional programs for brand collaboration and sales purposes. Our cooperation model is flexible and we are open to any creative ideas. Creating innovative characters and products, yet maintaining the brand uniqueness. MAKE IT SIMPLE BUT SIGNIFICANT.

About Mr. White Cloud & Friends:

Who loves daydreaming? Mr. White Cloud does!

The White Cloud Family is living in a simple and pure world. This is a world without country boundaries, races, languages and complicated issues. All you need to think is what to play today. Here in this world, you can be whatever you dream to be. You can be an adventurer, a pilot, a cafe owner, or even a daydreamer! Everyone is like a little child with imagination and creativity set free! May the story of Mr. White Cloud & Friends remind you of the carefree childhood days and the simple joy of playing under the bright blue sky.

About My Home Cat:

Cats are such fascinating beings. These furry friends live with us and eat with us. They follow us to the toilet, knock our stuff off the table and sleep on our laptops while we work… OK, so they can be pretty annoying at times, and yet they're also always there for us, keeping us company and looking after us in their own way. Thank you for coming to our home as a member of our family.

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Fluffy House Extra Large Microfiber Eyeglass Cloth (Made in Korea)

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