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Contact Lens FAQ


1. Vision becomes blurry after putting on contact lenses?

Answer: When putting contact lenses on the eyes, there is usually some storage liquid left on the lenses, which may cause blurry vision. In this case, you only need to blink your eyes gently and your vision will return to normal soon. If you are wearing contact lenses with astigmatism correction, it may takes time for the lenses to auto-adjust to their correct positions. It takes about a few minutes to achieve the best vision.

To ensure a clear vision, please make sure the lens power is correct for your eyes and verify that the lens is not turned inside out and the lens is intact. If necessary, please remove the contact lenses, then rinse with saline once more or replace with new lenses. If you have any questions, please consult your optometrist.


2. Why do I have foreign body sensation after wearing contact lenses?

Answer: Wearing contact lenses generally does not cause an obvious foreign body sensation. In most cases, obvious foreign body sensations are attributed to inadequate contact lenses handling in lens insertion. For such case, please remove the contact lens and check whether lens is turned inside out or it is defective. Rinse with saline and put it on again. To avoid foreign body sensation, you must clean and disinfect your hands and dry them with a towel or paper towel. Avoid touching any object other than contact lenses to prevent any dust sticking to fingers. When putting on contact lens, avoid touching the inner lens surface that contacts with your eye. Dry eyes may also causes foreign body sensation, use artificial tears to relieve discomfort if necessary.


3. Why does the lens always stick to finger and is unable to put on eye?

Answer: If the finger are wet, the lens will stick to the finger easily and difficult to put on. Keep your fingers dry and place the lens near your fingertips, this will make it easier to put on. Avoid long fingernails to reduce the chance of scratching your eyes. If you have any questions about lens insertion procedures, please consult your optometrist.


4. Why can't I take off the contact lens?

Answer: While removing contact lenses, always keep your fingers dry. With increasing in wearing time, dryness will make the contact lenses stick to cornea more firmly making it more difficult to remove. If you take a shower with contact lens in, the water vapor will also make the lenses difficult to remove. It is recommended to rest for 15 to 20 minutes before attempting to remove the contact lens. If you encounter dry eyes, you may use lubricant eye drops and wait for 10 to 15 minutes before removal. In case of difficult removal, please check the position of the contact lens before removal to avoid scratching your eyes.


5. Can I use eye drops such as itchy eye or redness relief when wearing contact lenses?

Answer: Unless eye drops are stated they are compatible with contact lenses (such as artificial tears), medicated eye drops should not be used with contact lenses. If you need to use medicated eye drops, it is recommended to wear contact lenses 15 minutes after instillation. It is recommended to use daily disposable contact lenses to avoid drug accumulation in lens and causing adverse effect.

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