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Pearl Anti Fog Travel Lenses Paper- 20 pcs (Made In Japan)

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1. Made in Japan with guaranteed quality.
2. Effectively removes dirt with anti-fog effect, quick-drying and easy to use.
3. The anti-fog effect can be maintained for 1-2 days (depends on actual situation).
4. A box of 20 tablets, individually packed for easy carry, clean and sanitary (size of each tablet: 10 x 14cm).

1. Open the wrapping paper and wipe the lens surface;
2. Please use when the wipe is wet. If there is any residual, please wipe it gently.

1. This product is not appliable for contact lenses and swimming goggles.
2. The effective time is affected by the actual situation. If it encounters friction, it may cause the coating to fall off and affect the effect.
3. Do not use on the lenses that have undergone special treatments, such as lenses with cracked surfaces or medical radiation protection lenses.
4. Please do not use for any purpose other than lenses.
5. After use, please wash hands if you are alcohol-sensitive or skin-sensitive .
6. Please keep out of the reach of children. Do not use it near the source of fire. Do not store in high humidity places.

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Pearl Anti Fog Travel Lenses Paper- 20 pcs (Made In Japan)

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